Reasons To Use The Maca Root

The maca root has grown in popularity over the years because of the benefits it promises. This plant is indigenous to Peru and is mostly used when ground into powder or in supplements. The maca plant is actually related to broccoli and cabbage as it is a cruciferous vegetable and has been used both for food and medicinal purposes. Here is why you should use the maca root.

The maca root is nutritious before anything else. It is a very good source of carbohydrates and even protein. It also has a good amount of fiber and is low in fats. In addition to these, there are many essential vitamins found in this particular root which is mostly found in powder form. Examples of some of these vitamins and minerals are copper, iron and even vitamin C.

It is said that the maca root also increases fertility in men. This it does by increasing sperm count and even quality. This can be taken by both fertile and infertile men to increase the quality of the semen, therefore, increasing fertility. The motility of the sperm is also improved in men taking the maca powder.

Menopause can be a harsh time for a woman. There are many symptoms associated with this state of life because of the reduction of the hormone estrogen. Most women go through symptoms such as hot flashes and even lack of sleep. The maca root comes to the rescue because it eases these symptoms. Women can now enjoy their sleep like they did before.

Again for women in their menopause, there are feelings of depression and mood swings. This is also sorted using the maca root because it works on such conditions as anxiety and promotes positive moods. This is not only for women in menopause but for anyone going through such conditions.

The maca root is also said to increase energy and performance. This works for you if you are into exercising because it will improve even the results of your exercise. For athletes and sportsmen and women, endurance is very important and can be handled using this maca root. It is said to increase the gaining of muscle which in turn increases strength.

The skin is one of the most treasured organs, especially for women. Because of how exposed it is, there is a high risk of getting in harm’s way. Ultraviolet rays of the sun are very harmful and can cause even skin cancer. When applied to the skin, the maca root can also protect the skin from these harmful rays.


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